About Us

Kennis is a specialized intelligence gathering division of ASG Investigations, serving private clubs in their member applicant vetting processes.

Who we are: Kennis is a division of ASG Investigations, one of the leading intelligence and background investigative agencies in America. We specialize in preparing complex background dossiers on individuals and firms, both domestically and internationally.

What we do: The Kennis platform is a specialized research service designed by and built specifically for private club member vetting. We use specialized tools and data collection that go beyond traditional background checks, employee screening services, public record databases and Googling – so you can make fully educated membership decisions.

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Discover how fact-based member vetting could protect your club’s reputation and integrity.

Private club member vetting has very specialized requirements.

Real due diligence requires that we ensure that as much information of interest is located, within the scope requested, and that the source of every piece of information we find is provided, every time. We have the tools, people and processes to provide this service at its highest level and help our clients to protect their members, reputation and community.

We are not a credit reporting agency and none of the services that Kennis provides to private clubs fall under the FCRA, nor can our work product be used in rendering credit related decisions.

The Kennis division was established by our founding partner, Paul Dank. Paul is board certified in investigations, is a certified fraud examiner and has lead a variety of investigative agencies and industry associations spanning a career of almost thirty years. Paul can be reached at PDank@MemberVetting.com

Paul Dank