Why Use Kennis

Designed specifically for private club member vetting, using the best tools available to the intelligence gathering community.

Kennis is a pioneer in the use of actual background and intelligence in within the club membership vetting process. As a specialized background check and investigations agency focused on producing deep dive background dossiers for a wide variety of end users, Kennis is uniquely positioned to provide a turn key background check package that gives club management meaningful information at very attractive prices within 2 weeks.

Kennis’ specialized services are unrivaled within the industry. For real fact-base member vetting, no local resource can compare!

Why Use Kennis

People repeat behaviors for a variety of reasons and past actions have a strong predictive value.

Some of these reasons include:

  1. Habit: People repeat behaviors because they have become accustomed to doing so. Habits are formed through repetition, and once a behavior becomes a habit, it can be difficult to break.
  2. Reinforcement: People may repeat behaviors if they receive some sort of reward or positive reinforcement for doing so. This positive feedback encourages them to continue the behavior.
  3. Comfort: People may repeat behaviors that provide a sense of comfort or familiarity. This can be especially true for behaviors that provide a sense of safety or security.
  4. Psychological factors: People may repeat behaviors due to underlying psychological factors such as anxiety, OCD, or addiction.
  5. Environmental factors: People may repeat behaviors because of their environment. For example, if someone grew up in a household where certain behaviors were encouraged or normalized, they may continue to repeat those behaviors.

Overall, people repeat behaviors for a variety of reasons, and understanding these reasons can help us better understand human behavior and make positive changes when necessary.

There are some important takeaways: First, everyone, including wealthy people who typically join private clubs, does this. Secondly, due diligence aimed at identifying someone’s actions, particularly those that reflect upon their character, has great predictive value. Kennis gathers data and facts that reflect upon an applicant’s character and presents them to you with little to no effort on your part. The information is simply waiting to be found.

Have facts to support your member vetting process. Call Kennis today!

As the leader in this unique space, we have tackled all of the potential issues and risks specifically associated with this enhancement to the member vetting process, making it easy and safe for clients to use.

Our parent organization, ASG Investigations, is one of the largest professional investigative agencies in the Midwest and we are unique in our intelligence gathering capabilities, making us the perfect firm to help you embrace the transformation of applicant screening.