Who We Aren’t

Who We Aren’t

Kennis is a specialized information-gathering company. We focus on gathering relevant, actionable information for our clients from a wide variety of sources. Often times, some will liken what we do to their generalized idea of what a background check is. That usually ends up looking more like a limited public record check than the deep, comprehensive intelligence dossier that Kennis produces.

Because many people aren’t familiar with advanced intelligence gathering, they often see our service as being comparable to that of an employee screening service or an instant record check like one would find on Google offering a wealth of information for $29.95. Kennis is neither of those.

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Employee background checks are essential, however, the majority of the time they are simplified searches garnering limited information from a small number of sources. Further, employee screening is regulated and, by design, limits what can and cannot be included. On top of that, what an employee screening firm does and does not search for is usually left a mystery. With a profit in mind, most of these firms look for cheap or even free data over complete and valuable information. They make their money reselling low-cost data at as large a volume as they can find. In short, we are not this.

The world of online background checks is even farther removed from what Kennis does than employee background checks. As experts in information and data, we view these web-based services as the wild, wild west. The information that most of these platforms provide is a mix of incomplete, inaccurate, and ancient. Most of these are bots that scrap records and assemble them into fifty pages of almost incomprehensible nonsense. One cannot safely rely upon them, and they are usually worth far less than you paid for them.