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Kennis was designed specifically for private club member vetting, using the best tools available to the intelligence gathering community.

Our services:

  • Take the worry out of member vetting with:
    • Extensive research with documented data points (no hidden sources, no prohibited records, no risky investigative practices).
    • Information that is 100% legally accessible.
    • Meaningful background intelligence gathered from verfiable sources.
  • Provide real insight into your applicant’s history. No genuine prospective member would want you to have anything less when making a membership decision. The information age has made it possible to determine the true credibility and character of applicants, but this information is difficult to find. Kennis uses a mix of specialized search training and tools to access to provide a complete dossier.
  • Deliver a turnkey background package that gives club management meaningful information at very attractive prices within 2 weeks.

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We offer several levels of applicant due diligence. Because each club is unique, a more detailed or limited package may be appropriate. The more exclusive or costly the entrance fee, the greater the expectation of the vetting processand the greater the need for our more extensive services.

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