Fact-Based Membership Vetting for Elite Private Clubs

Fact-Based Membership Vetting for Elite Private Clubs

The Member Vetting Process Hasn’t Changed in the Last 150 Years…

Until Now!

A sponsorship letter. An impersonal cocktail party. A round of golf. What do you really know about someone applying for membership? In truth, the traditional application process tells you very little about someone and provides almost no facts! The applicant controls almost all of the information you receive and leaves you will limited if any, avenues to fact check their information let alone look for things they omitted. Still, the onus is on each G.M. and board member to adhere to their duty of care and protect the members, staff and clubs reputation by fully vetting candidates. Until now, there were no true resources to bridge that information gap and engage in fact-based member vetting.

Kennis created an innovative, confidential, comprehensive applicant information-gathering process that provides an unrivaled depth of information. For the first time, clubs can make fully educated membership decisions, based on facts, and have peace of mind knowing that your latest admissions are positive ambassadors of your club.

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“Kennis has taken the unknowns out of our member vetting process.  The confidential exchange of detailed and accurate information ensures that our selection for new additions into our club family is thorough.  Since adding the Kennis services to our existing vetting process, we have eliminated the guesswork from truly knowing the applicants that wish to join our club.”

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