Invisible Benefits

Selling the invisible is a challenge, but in part, Kennis does just that. Like buying insurance, one of the greatest benefits that our clients receive can’t be measured, but it is likely among the most important benefits that a club can receive; simply put, we help prevent many of the most dangerous and unsuitable applicants from ever applying.

Gaining the ability to keep unsuitable members from even applying saves everyone at your club a great deal of wasted time, money and mental capital. The cost-benefit makes using Kennis an easy choice.

When a club engages Kennis to assist with member vetting, new prospective members will learn about your improved vetting process, which includes our in-depth background check. When the bad apples learn that you engage a professional firm to assist in determining if someone is a suitable candidate for membership, these unsuitable types will simply retreat from the process, and never actually apply (and waste your time). They know they can move on to the next club which maintains the traditional approach to member vetting, which they fake their way through.

Reducing the number of unsuitable applicants not only makes the approval process smoother, but it also alleviates the embarrassment and stress that the nominating member(s) would undergo if the candidate had followed through, and was barred from joining.