Success Stories

Below are some examples of a sampling of the types of information that Kennis has located, which client clubs found helpful in determining the suitability of an applicant for membership:

Family Matters

A club, which allows full members privileges to the adult children of members up to age 24, had an applicate who has a 20-year-old son. Kennis located new reports and court records, from a different state, in which the adult son was arrested for threatening the life of a fellow university student and brandishing a handgun. The matter was plead down, and the court allowed the son to return home to reside with his parents and serve his probation. This young man would have unrestricted access to the club

New to the Area

Kennis provided research on an applicant for membership who worked in the financial services industry. This applicant recently relocated to a new state and was nominated for membership soon thereafter. The information located identified multiple prior FINRA violations, civil lawsuits alleging fraud as well as social media content in which the applicant was observed verbally berating a restaurant server and multiple videos of him intoxicated in public.

Who One Associates With

An applicant’s background and personal information was all noted to be positive and matched the narrative he and the sponsoring members related. A review of social media found a regular association with an individual who is documented as being one of the worlds largest financiers of pornography in Asia and Latin America. Multiple photographs were located of the two men together in Brazil, the Philippines and Thailand.

We All Leave Footprints

Kennis was engaged to locate information on an applicant and spouse who applied for membership at a country club. Although there was no negative information noted about the applicant, we located multiple social media accounts controlled by his wife in which she launches vulgar personal attacks against a host of people ranging from store employees to teachers at her children’s former school to local politicians. This behavior was documented consistently for over nine years.

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