Protecting Reputation

Protecting the Club’s Reputation

As every general manager knows, protecting the club’s reputation comes second only to protecting the club’s members. When a member does something that harms the club’s reputation with the membership or the community at large, there is usually little a club manager can do to put the genie back in the bottle. The only thing that can make that situation worse is the knowledge that you might have had a chance to prevent that person from ever being associated with the club in the first place.

As demonstrated in numerous high profile criminal news stories, when a high-net-worth individual is accused of wrongdoing, the media loves to mention the fact that they are a member at a prestigious club, regardless of that having any relevance. Even more enticing to them is report on something that goes wrong at a private club that might make for exciting news. The club suffers guilt by association.

Protecting the Club’s Reputation

As a General Manager or Membership Director, deserved or not, ultimately you will bare the responsibility for any recent members actions that reflect badly on the club!

No level of vetting can prevent a person from making terrible decisions that end up involving their club, but the Kennis’ vetting services provide extensive insight into an applicant’s true past. In reality, most shameful events rarely happen randomly or in isolation and proper due diligence has great predictive value. Using our background intelligence gives you a rare opportunity to protect the club’s reputations before any level of association is established.

No club manager or board member wants to utter “if only we had looked” when avoidable tragedy occurs.

Protection Reputation