Know Before Members Know

Know Before Your Members Do

As with nearly every social group, a club’s members talk, text and share things. Gossip and club life go hand in hand, and normally, it’s not a problem. Unfortunately, just like with the media, negative events seem to be far more interesting and sharable.

Your Members Will Dig for Information About New Members. Its Human Nature!

When a new member joins, that often leads some members to take it upon themselves to “check them out”. In some cases, a member or spouse will spend significant time and effort looking for background information on your new member. If they do find something negative, they rarely inform the club manager or the board. Instead, they send it around to their friends and fellow members, leaving management amongst the last to learn about it. In the extreme, the information they find would have prevented the new member from being offered membership in the first place. In every case, it leads the members to question why management wasn’t aware ahead of time.

Kennis provides additional protection against these types of events and helps to keep management informed upfront. Even if the information being passed around is harmless gossip, the club can be aware beforehand not get caught flat-footed if it leads to discord or alarm within the membership.