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The Right Fit

Member Experience is Key to Success

The true measure of success for any club is making the member experience as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. In the end, that experience is driven by the relationships that develop between members, which can only happen when new members fit in.

Kennis - The Right Fit
Kennis - The Right Fit

Deep Insight on Prospective Members

Kennis provides deep insight into who your prospect really is, what they have actually done and what they really appear to stand for. Any applicant can fake it though the traditional member vetting process, be on their best behavior and say the right things. Unfortunately, observing them in those moments when they know they are being evaluated and scrutinized does little to determine who they really are and how they behave daily. One’s past is an excellent predictor of their likely future behavior. Moving an applicant forward toward membership without reviewing available information about their past leaves the approval process as little more than guess work.

When a new member turns out not to be a good fit, there are consequences that ripple throughout the club. If existing members meets the real version of that new member, rightly find that this person or family is not suitable to associate with, and now want to limit their interaction with them, those long standing member may stay away from the club more often, miss events or even consider leaving. The wrong fit within the membership can also lead to drama that impacts more members and the staff.

Verified Accuracy

It is also important to remember that most private clubs members come from the top 1-2% of households, based on income. Further, a great of business deals are conducted at golf courses and country clubs. When someone who does not fit into the fabric of your club or worse wants access to people of means to further their own interests, attaining club membership is an easy way to do so. This type of member not only fails to enhance your club, allowing them entry actually exposes your members problems and or financial loses.

Kennis helps to verify the accuracy of what you learned about and from your prospective member, as well of assists in locating information that is available to be found, but has not been traditionally collected and reviewed during member vetting. What you don’t know, and never look for, can hurt your club.

Kennis - The Right Fit