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Without question, the member vetting model used by the vast majority of private clubs is both antiquated and leaves club members, staff and the clubs reputation at unnecessary risk. It’s no one’s fault, the world has simply changed and allows for real fact checking and searching for important, but undisclosed information that is simply waiting to be found.

Kennis has authored a comprehensive overview of the traditional approach to member vetting, where it succeeds and where it falls short, as well as how clubs can now incorporate a turn-key, fact-based platform to their current program that significantly reduces risk while improving member fit within your unique culture. It further explains that not only does this additional information gathering on applicants improve vetting, it also does so in a very non-invasive and reasonable way, while highlighting that there is no real downside to doing so.

We not only encourage you to read the paper, we also encourage you to call us with any thoughts and questions that it generates. Our job is help your club be a better, safer club. Please reach out any time. 888-318-1480

The time-honored approach to vetting lacks face and adds needles ricks!

Limited Facts

Limited Facts

Members often nominate people the don’t know well.

Difficult to verify, incomplete history

Difficult to verify, incomplete history

Applicants provide you with the information they want you to have.

Fake It

Fake It

Meet and greet session. Applicants controls the info they give you. Anyone can behave for three hours.

Not the Members Job

Not the Members Job

Posting a name to the membership gets mixed results, members unwilling to come forward.

Over 25 Years

of experience enabling our results to be accurate and meaningful

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Kennis provides insight into an applicant’s character and helps fact-check their story.

~ Kathy Franz

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