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Enhance Fit and Reduce Risk with Substantive, Fact-Based Membership Vetting

The Problem: The member vetting model used by most private clubs is outdated and leaves members, staff, and the club’s reputation at risk. Consider this:

  • While private club membership vetting has remained much the same over the past 150 years, the world has changed significantly. Today, we have access to important, undisclosed information that is waiting to be found.
  • Traditional vetting methods lack factual data or the ability to verify applicant information.

The Solution: Read Kennis’ comprehensive overview (include link to whitepaper here as well) of best practices of membership vetting. The white paper covers:

  • A club’s duty of care to provide a safe and satisfying club experience for members.
  • The importance of traditional vetting combined with a turnkey, fact-based approach designed to improve member fit within your unique culture and significantly reduce risk.
  • How a deep dive into an applicant’s character and reputation can protect your club – it’s easier to decline admission and avoid damage than modify behavior or remove a member.
  • Why standard criminal and financial background checks are not enough.
  • Kennis’ simple, non-invasive approach to due diligence.

At Kennis, our job is to help your club be a better, safer place for members and staff. After reading our helpful guide, please reach out with any thoughts or questions. We’d love to hear from you.

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The time-honored approach to vetting lacks facts and adds needless risks!

Limited Facts

Limited Facts

Members often nominate people they don’t know well.

Difficult to verify, incomplete history

Difficult to verify incomplete history

Applicants provide you with the information they want you to have.

Fake It

Fake It

During meet and greet sessions, applicants control the info they provide. Anyone can behave for three hours.

Not the Members Job

Not the Member’s Job

Posting a name to the membership gets mixed results, (members unwilling to come forward).

Over 25 Years

of experience enabling our results to be accurate and meaningful

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What Clients Are Saying

Kennis provides insight into an applicant’s character and helps fact-check their story.

~ Kathy Franz

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